Violin Capo

After writing nearly half of my songs in the key of B, I became desperate. The violin was not working out for me and I kept having to pass on all these cool parts I had in my head. Not that I can't figure it out - it's just a strange key to play in and all the fingerings felt wrong. So I looked up violin capos online.

Nothing. Apparently nobody runs into this problem - or I am just a lazy moron who needs a capo to help me out? 

Online, I found two different ways to do it - one of which involved sucking on a match until it was bendable, then sliding it underneath the strings to create a fret. The other (not my favorite) was to do the same thing with a zip-tie. But who wants to take a pair of scissors to their fiddle neck? not me.

Then I started thinking about guitar capos - made out of rubber. Surely we could rig something similar. A trip to the hardware store for a square of rubber flooring and 2 minutes later  - voila - a violin capo. I can't believe I never thought to try this before. Yes, yes, I know. Professional violinists would NEVER bastardize their pristine instrument like this. But, hey - it works!